Exhibition agenda for 2022:

We organize 6 exhibitions per year. For 2022 our exhibition agenda is as follows:

1 February / 31 March - Maritime Masters including Peter de Rijcke and the well-known artist from Veere, Wim Vaarzon Morel

1 April / 31 May - Seafood in Pastel; Zeeland artist Els Burgers

5 June / 30 July - Poet Laureate of the Sea; Geer Huybers & Ellen van Toor incl. book of poems

1 August / 30 September - Maritime in oils; Robin d'Arcy Shillcock & ceramics by Edith Madou

1 October / 30 November - Craftsmanship in pen and etching; Maarten Groot & Ronny Moortgat

1 December 1 / 31 January 2023 - The maritime world in contrast; Ingrid Dingjan & Ludo van Well

GalleryMaritime exhibits the work of 30 professional maritime artists. By working together with a fixed group of artists who are artistic inspired by the same theme, the art lover can actively follow the development of "what time does to art in terms of the influence of time".